The Picnic Accessory Set


Decision Making Made Easy!

Have your already got a door, or know of a child that does, add some fun here!  Just pick, add and the kids play. Super easy, and super fast!

The Picnic Set is a theme designed for lovers of family outings, and trips to the park.  

This set comes with our most popular picnic items minus the door.

Our picnic set includes:

  • Picnic blankest -
    • Sage Meadow blanket with Floral Gold place mats
    • Floral Gold blanket with Sage Meadow place mats
    • Daisies blanket with Floral Gold place mats
  • Strawberry Swiss Rolls - pk of 2
  • Strawberry Shortcakes - pk of 2
  • Strawberry cupcakes - pk of 2
  • Chia water and baked breads
  • Wooden Box

Door not included.