Opening Fairy Doors

my wee fairy door is a magical way of evoking creativity and wonder by encouraging your child's imagination with hours of fun-filled roleplay.

Use as a parenting tool by leaving affirmative notes in their wee mailboxes or doorsteps from the 'fairies or elves', rewarding positive behaviour such as staying in bed or eliminating persistent thumb sucking.

Also widely used for the Tooth Fairy, dummy fairy or even for the Easter Bunny and Santa's elves.  No need to sneak under the pillow searching for a little tooth, simply place it in the wee mailbox.

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality fairy doors and accessories. Therefore, 
we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should you be unhappy with your purchase, or wish to make an exchange, please contact us within 7 days of delivery and we will refund your purchase or exchange the goods as required. Read more here

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My wee fairy door classic set with blue fairy door, mailbox and stairs

The Classic Fairy Set

Pair your choice of fairy door with our super popular miniature stairs and Fairy or Elf mailbox. You will also receive fairy dust, and a key to the door, to perfect the picture.

The Fairy Doors are perfect to post to and receive notes from your fairy and the stairs helps little fairies with tired wings.

This set is a perfect starter kit, and an excellent present.

Fairy & Elf Doors as a Parenting Tool

What many of you may not realise is exactly how useful and powerful Fairy & Elf doors can be!  It's down to the nature of the doors themselves, the way that they enchant children and encourage their imagination ten fold.  

If you need help with potty training, sibling fighting, times of transition...the list goes on, I'm a mum, I know.  Read here for our step by step guide, tips and tricks!  

my wee fairy door as parenting tools - young child with pink fairy door.  how to use as a parenting tool.
my wee fairy door picnic set is a fun set of our blanket, cakes and drinks

The Picnic Accessory Set

Do you already have a fairy door, or know of a child that does?

The Picnic Set is a theme designed for lovers of family outings, and trips to the park.  

Add some fun here!  Just pick, add and let the kids play. 

Decision Made Easy! Super easy, and super fast!

Eden finds her fairy door ♥

Pink Marshmallow
Pale Yellow
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Pale Yellow
Pale Blue
Pale Blue
The Classic Fairy Set
Fairy Mail
Fairy Mail
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Welcome Mat - Natural
Miniature Staircase
Magic Stones - Pk of 9
Butterflies - Pk of 6
Rose Bush | White


I always get a kick out of hearing back from you and stories about your children falling in love with the fairy doors and accessories.  Following are just a few of the testimonials I have gathered to date.