About Us

In a little home office, nestled in the quaint countryside of rural New Zealand, you’ll find the wonderful (and magical!) world of my wee fairy door. Fairies and elves are hard to come by, but at Kirsty’s Fairy Headquarters, you’ll find them in abundance!

“Fairy Doors as a concept have been around for many years but they were not readily available in New Zealand. Traditional fairy doors were not to my liking either, as both design and quality wise they left much to desire. I wanted something that would not just be fun for the kids to play with, but would also look great in their room. I loved the idea of a really cute décor item that kids and adults alike could love, would help your child's imagination to grow, and could be a really useful parenting tool”, Kirsty says. 

With a crazy amount of work and planning my wee fairy door came to light, New Zealand's original indoor fairy and elf door brand. 

My Wee Fairy Door is all about animating the precious nature of a child’s imagination through beautifully created doors and miniature accessories - it is about creating childhood memoriesmy wee fairy doors evoke fairy tales, and create a land of magic and make-believe for children…Children have very powerful imagination just waiting to be unleashed - It’s what you can’t see that’s the magic of it all. The secret passage to an enchanted land.

We are all about quality.  Our doors are beautifully painted with a smooth satin finish and I check each and every one before they are posted out to you. 
Because we are so sure of our unmatched quality - we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - these doors are made to last!

And importantly, what I want to share with Mums & Dad's and all caregivers out there, is that although you may not realise it, my wee fairy & elf doors are extremely useful as a parenting tool!  It's down to the nature of the doors themselves, the way that they enchant children and encourage their imagination ten fold.   
If you need help with potty training, sibling fighting, times of transition...the list goes on, I'm a mum, I know.  Read here for our step by step guide, tips and tricks!  

I have watched my children in delight with my wee fairy doors, and in turn I hope to bring to you these same moments watching your children take pleasure in my wee fairy doors.