About us

In a little home office, nestled in the quaint countryside of rural New Zealand, you’ll find the wonderful (and magical!) world of My Wee Fairy Door. Fairies and elves are hard to come by, but at Kirsty’s Fairy Headquarters, you’ll find them in abundance!

 “Fairy Doors themselves have been around for many years but not readily available in New Zealand. I loved the idea of a really cute décor item that kids love, they help their imagination grow and at the same time a really useful parenting tool”. And bippity, boppity, boo - My Wee Fairy Door came to light. 

My Wee Fairy Door animates the precious nature of a child’s imagination through beautifully created doors and miniature accessories. “It’s what they evoke, to create a land of magic and make-believe for children… Children have very powerful imaginations just waiting to be unleashed - It’s what you can’t see that’s the magic of it all. The secret passage to an enchanted land”.



We have watched our children in delight with our fairy doors, and in turn we hope to bring to you these same moments watching your children take please in our wee fairy doors.