Felicity Fairy Doll

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Meet Felicity, the cheekiest and fancy free fairy of them all.  But oh boy, she is clumsy! 'How many times do we have to ask you to slow down Felicity?' And bang, absentminded as ever she just flew into another bee.  Though we do love her ever so and have lots of fun and laughter.

She has the longest most adorable brown yarn hair with brown eyes and sweet blush cheeks.  Felicity is the only one to have a pink baby doll dress, lets face it she's always getting caught up in leaves and twigs so a long dress just doesn't suit.    And of course, lets not forget those gorgeous pink and sparkly fairy wings.

A soft sweet doll for little hands.

Suitable from 3 years up.
  • Size - 26cm
  • Body - 100% cotton
  • Dress - tulle and ribbon
  • Removable lace dress
  • Spot clean

Felicity is often accompanied by her loyal fairy friends, Sofia and Genevieve.  They are known to travel side by side, loop by loop, and yes they do like to get a little silly, it's just the way in fairyland.  

They are super excited to be welcomed into the homes of the little ones who already love them so, they will make wonderful friends. They always use their manners, they are kind to their animal friends, and here’s the special part, they sprinkle a little fairy dust magic wherever they go.