Guiding Your Kids to Become Self Sufficient

I don't know about you but being the mother of two boys my aim is to guide my them to become independent, to be self sufficient and great partners! Roles are more diverse as are our busy lifestyles.  If we don't teach, how will they learn?

Not to leave girls out, it applies to them too. When kids learn early to help, cooperation becomes natural and more easily and thankfully the battles get less! Tackling getting dressed in the mornings, keeping rooms tidy and picking up after themselves will soon disappear. Well, improve at least!

Start young with the small things such as making their beds, dusting and picking up their clothes and then work your way up. It doesn't matter if it's not done well, it's the attempt and with a bit of praise they will be proud.  Work your way up to vacuuming, folding washing and even cooking dinner.  I have listed suggestions based on age group - adapt to your child's abilities.

Let your children become a cohesive part of your family unit contributing positively.

Reward their positive behaviour with a simple note from their fairy praising their good work, through to leaving $0.50 or a biscuit.  Positive affirmation instills positive habits.

Start a Chores For Scores chart where they can pick chores voluntarily for said rewards.  This teachers them the value and benefit of hard work.  I've attached a our free printable chore chart for your use.



Kirsty Fawdray

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