It's back to school for fairies too!

It's back to school for fairies too!

How can the summer holidays be over already? It seems like we have only just taken down the tiny wreaths from the front of our Ruby Red fairy doors!

But back to school isn’t just for little humans. Little fairies will be heading back to school too. Fairy school has lessons just like us, but with a magical twist!

English classes teach fairies-in-training how to write letters to their children friends, budding tooth fairies learn to count and place coins under the pillow, science lessons are all potions and glitter explosions, whilst sports day is filled with flying contests and butterfly races.

Now's the perfect opportunity to use fairy doors to help out at homework time. Little ones can read when fairy is reading, or get their bags ready for school just like those in fairyland do. And maybe, just maybe, if all homework is done without fuss, the Fairy Queen will send a letter through the Fairy Mail to praise your littlies for all their hard work.

Kirsty Fawdray

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