Tis the Season the Fairies and Elves Have Been Waiting For

Tis the Season the Fairies and Elves Have Been Waiting For

Fairy wings are glistening. Elf bells are jingle-jangling. Reindeer hoofs are pitter pattering. It is officially the merriest season of all, so get your elastic waistbands at the ready in prep for a month of festivities and food glorious food.

And as every little girl or boy will tell you, fairies and elves are experts in putting on a good spread (they don’t call it fairy bread for no reason!) So assemble the little ones, turn up the Christmas compilation, and get ready to whip up some joy-filled delights in the kitchen:

  • Fairies love smoothies. Fact. To make a special fairy smoothie, simply blend your normal green or red smoothie (and here’s the magical bit) pour a miniature serving into a tiny little cup…our porcelain tea set is just the right size for the wee folk!
  • Add a dash of jolliness to your cookies by substituting regular choc chips with green and red M&Ms. The downside? What to do with the other colour M&Ms…
  • Our fairy footprints stencils add an instant dose of magic to morning tea. Dust cupcakes with icing sugar footprints and sprinkle chocolate powder footprints on the little one’s morning fluffy. Too easy.

When the eggs have all been beaten, the flour has been sufficiently dusted, and spoons have been licked; it's time for fairyland's imaginary tea parties to begin...and you count on us to have fanciful treats, cakes, pastries and dainty little drinks that are imperative for all fairy festivities!

Kirsty Fawdray

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