Bring the sunshine & magic indoors.

Bring the sunshine & magic indoors.

The change of season is well and truly upon us! Our days of sunshine are a little shorter, and our skies a little chillier…so naturally it is the perfect time to throw a fairy garden party…inside the warmth of your home of course!

Because even though the outside may be out of bounds on stormy days, your child’s imagination is not!  They may transport their fairies to magical kingdoms with flowers, wild mushrooms and little creatures…or perhaps a picturesque flower garden!

Bring the sunshine, flowers, and magic indoors with our fairy garden range – adorable accessories for your little love to create a delightful fairy garden. Think perfectly manicured grass glade, white picket fence, colourful daisies, magical toadstools, hedgehogs, bunnies, ladybugs and of course, a sprinkle of magic fairy dust to help the flowers and garden creatures come alive at night!

Never one to shy away from arts and crafts! Get out the glue pot these school holidays, snip some colourful card (beautifully patterned origami paper is even better!) into pretty flower shapes, use pipe cleaners for stems, stick on some google eyes, douse in glitter/pompoms/whatever's in the crafts box..and you've got a fairy garden wonderland the littlies will be proud of!

Kirsty Fawdray

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