Get ready for International Fairy Day!

Get ready for International Fairy Day!

There's no day that fairies love more than International Fairy Day!

Sure, the Christmas Fairy loves Christmas Day, and the Easter Fairy loves Easter Sunday, and the Tooth Fairy loves every day, but a day that celebrates every that's a special day!

So when is this extra sparkly day? International Fairy Day is on the magical date of 24th June.

And what better way to celebrate than with decorations and presents!

The most magical decor that is super easy to make are fairy paper garland. Here's a short video showing how you can make one - don't forget to add a dash of glitter!

Need help choosing a gift for your fairy? Our absolute favourite accessories right now are these tiny flower pots and trio of baby bunnies that will no doubt bring a smile to your little one's face too.

Have a magical day x


Kirsty Fawdray

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